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P.T.S.D. Love Poem

The following poem was written by the tireless Vietnam vet and advocate Sarge Lintecum. It is a brutal and frank piece of work. When I asked for permission to reprint part of the poem (I intended to leave off the last three stanzas not wishing to offend others), Sarge explained, "I'm going to guess that you are not a veteran because the verses you want to omit are very important to my poem." He went on to gently educate this writer.

I've included Sarge's explanations in the hopes that it will bring about a deeper understanding as well with other non-vets who are trying to get their heads around this issue. Not having gone through the experience of war myself, I appreciated the extra time Sarge took with me, explaining things fully. Thank you, sir.

P.T.S.D. Love Poem - © Sarge Lintecum 2003
(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Poem)

I love you through my anger,
In between my fits of rage.
I want us to be happy,
But I just can't turn the page.

I see in you the answer
To every time I've prayed.
Then I get mad; you leave the room;
I wish that you had stayed.

My love just wants to hold your hand,
But my anger doesn't care.
I feel the weight you carry.
It really isn't fair.

I gave our country everything
The day I went to war.
I thought the cost would be my life,
But it turned out to be much more.

I look into my child's eyes,
And I see a child burned
By Napalm lying on the ground,
Without a lesson learned.
Without this verse the veteran will think his PTSD causing memories are worse than other vets.

So now they send the young folks
To act like war is fun,
Without a thought of how they'll feel
When their killing job is done.
Without this verse you would leave out the lack of help from the government that was a bigger slap in my face than "Charlie" (Viet Cong) ever gave me.

When folks go fill their gas tanks
I think they all should know,
A veteran's future happiness
Is drowning in the flow.
Without this verse you would leave out the underlying reason for the war that is easily hidden from the public but not the veteran.

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