Amanda (bored_at_basf) wrote in dearmrpresident,

the sanctity of marriage

Dear Mr. President,

I am also confused on one point. Haven't you been touting the sanctity of marriage as being between a man and a woman for a few months now? Why have you suddenly decided that Terry Schiavo's parents and the rest of her family are part of her marriage? Am I wrong here, or is that incestual and homosexual? Have your values changed or are you just entirely confused? If marriage is so freaking sacred, then let Mike Schiavo make the decision as Terry's husband to pull the plug and leave it be. Stop making one family's pain a political platform to spread your religious values. What do you suppose is harder for Terry's parents? Letting her go once and for all, or all of this nonsense with Congress coming in on a fucking Sunday (did that do that for 9-11? just wondering since that was a terrorist attack that affected the ENTIRE NATION not just ONE FAMILY) and pulling the tube, putting the tube back in, pulling the tube, putting the tube back in? I think the agony of not knowing whether she will live is much more traumatic than just saying their final goodbyes. I really wish you would stop overstepping your boundaries here you arrogant moron. The founding fathers set up a system of checks and balances for a reason, but you don't seem to care about that. If the courts don't rule the way you want them to, it isn't okay to just call your cronies in Congress and have them make a bill to allow a different court to rule on the case. But, in the end your plan didn't work anyway because that federal judge is apparently not in your pocket and does recognize and participate in the system of government which our founding fathers created. Maybe you should try taking a political science class or something.

I would appreciate it if you could pick a stance (either marriage is between only a man and a woman, or other forms of marriage will be recognized) and get back to us.

Oh, and BTW, you did a great job on the roast of Jeff Foxworthy on ComedyCentral the other night. You really looked like an idiot, as usual, but this time it was good for a laugh. Normally, we are just mortified when you open your mouth to give a speech because you are trying to be serious but you really look like a dolt. At the roast, though, your ignorance was comical.

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