Megan (meganglo) wrote in dearmrpresident,

Dear George...

George, you aren't exactly my favorite person. In fact, on a list of people in this world that I dislike the most, you'd be in the top ten. But, a lot of people in this country count you as being Commander in Chief and with that comes a responsibility to the troops who aid your cause. Regardless of how I feel about your legitimacy.

Tell me, George. Why is it that you can send us to war, watch us kill and be killed, watch us suffer with the knowledge that said war is bogus, and then not take the time out of your busy schedule to go to one soldier's funeral? Now, I'm just writing this without knowing all of the facts. You simply must have a reasonable explanation for not honoring the dead with this sort of respectful gesture.

But, here's what it looks like from my end, George.

You are one of the only, if not THE only, president who has not attended the burial of a soldier during a time of war. Those other presidents recognized how important it was to honor the sacrifice of the fallen. To grieve with their families. George, they just need to know that you fucking care.

One funeral. That's all you need to attend to acknowledge them. That one gesture.

But, here's what I think. I believe you're afraid. You're too afraid to see the cost of this war with your own eyes. Have you ever looked at the Faces of the Fallen? These are real people, George. We aren't pawns in your little chess game. We aren't weapons of the United States that are expendable.

Go to a funeral, George.
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